News Parent Maintenance: So much care and income are safe

News Parent Maintenance: So much care and income are safe News always well informed

Monday, 20.04.15 , written by Cora Christine Döhn At the moment, Finanztest explains how the assets of parental maintenance are composed and what allowances are left aside from the deductible. After all, if parents in need of care can no longer afford to pay for their own care, their children will be prosecuted for so-called parent’s maintenance. Many items remain untouched. >

Elternunterhalt belastet nicht das Schonvermögen

Children have to pay for their parents’ care costs

Children are required to pay maintenance to their parents . This is the case, for example, when parents have no savings or their pension is insufficient to pay for a nursing home. Although a part of these care costs are covered by the statutory long-term care insurance. But their performance is too low to cover the complete costs. If those in need of care can not pay the remaining own contribution, the Social Welfare Office will start. Subsequently, however, the Office turns to the dependent children .

But that does not mean that they themselves have major limitations in their standard of living due to the costs incurred must take into account, a so-called protective capacity is calculated, which must not be touched by the social welfare office. In addition to this secured assets and “nest egg” and a home are usually protected. On 1 January 2015, there was also an increase in the deductible from € 1,600 to € 1,800 – this is the amount of monthly income that children are granted for their own lives.

Protect your own children from later financial burdens

Due to low pensions, many people in need of care depend on the money of their children. As the level of pension declines, there is a risk that you, too, later become a financial burden on your own children. Provide a private long-term care insurance to protect yourself and your offspring.

Update April 4, 2016: “If you want to protect your children from high payments in old age, there are private care insurance on the market. Private supplementary care insurance promise help. They should close the supply gap, “says the consumer magazine ZDF WISO in the current program on the subject of parent support.

Parent maintenance: This is how the protective capacity is calculated

If parents need to go to a nursing home or need other care that they themselves can not afford, the children will be asked to pay. Parental maintenance, however, can only be required up to a certain amount . The children are given both a protective capacity and a deductible for their own running costs, which are safe from the demands of the social welfare office.

Protected pensions are equivalent to five percent of the current annual gross income for all years in which work has been done since work began. In addition, an interest rate of four percent is calculated on a flat-rate basis for this sum. In addition, smaller savings of about 10,000 euros may not be touched. Such a ” nest egg ” for extraordinary burdens is usually granted to the children, for example, for possible complex repairs.

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Parent maintenance: guardianship and deductible when calculating outside

The parental maintenance is calculated not only from the children’s assets, but also from the current monthly income . However, the income of the dependent child can only be limited . The protected deductible amounts to at least 1,800 euros per month .

However, not everything that the breadwinner earns in addition goes to the parents’ household, but only 50 percent of the difference between the deductible and the so-called adjusted net income . “Adjusted” in this case means that previously all expenses have been deducted from income, say

  • Alimony payments to own children,
  • Guessing for a loan or
  • Expenditure on private pensions.

In this way, the child’s standard of living should not be sustainably adversely affected by parent maintenance.

Attention spouse: Due to these concessions, many children do not have to pay anything for the care of their parents. However, it can come to a huge financial burden if children are married and both partners earn . As an example, Finanztest (issue 05/2015) mentions the following situation: With a net income of 3,000 euros, an unmarried person may not have to pay anything at all. If the spouse also earns 3,000 euros , the maintenance obligation can quickly amount to 759 euros per month .

Parents can protect their children from high costs

Even though parental maintenance is required by law, some people are critical of this obligation , especially when the relationship between parents and children is not intact. If you want to protect your children from being confronted with high care costs, you should take out private long-term care insurance at an early stage. A private insurance covers a large part of the additional care costs, which otherwise have to be borne by the own children. Children can also take out such insurance for their parents .

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Oltra denounces that almost half of the funds for aid dependency go to assume the debts of the PP

Oltra denounces that almost half of the funds for aid dependency go to assume the debts of the PP

  • The vice president and consellera of Equality and Inclusive Policies, Monica Oltra, has denounced that the 43.8 percent of the budget that her department destines to the payment of the aid of the system of personal autonomy and attention to the dependence "are to deal with the debt "that the old autonomous government of the PP left with dependent people, to whom" paid late and bad ".
Mónica Oltra en un momento de la entrevista con Europa Press

Monica Oltra at a moment of the interview with Europa Press EUROPA PRESS

In a statement, Oltra has reported that, since the beginning of the legislature in June 2015, Equality has paid 469 million euros in concept of monthly economic benefits by dependence.

Of these, "205.9 million have been destined to payments for arrears, retroactivity and payment to heirs", as a result of the disastrous management and lack of investment of the previous Executive, which hindered the real possibilities of attention of the system of the dependence".

"Given this chaotic inherited situation, the Consell del Botànic has worked during these two years to put order in the unit, where the beneficiaries of the aid are charging them monthly, when before they took between two and three months to receive a subsidy that is a right recognized in a law that the old Government had paralyzed, "Oltra claimed.

Since January 2016, the Conselleria de Igualdad pays the monthly payroll for economic benefits to people in a dependent situation with a recognized right between the 1st and 5th of each month. In the event that it is the first payroll, the corresponding arrears are also included, which "in some cases has a high cost, since there were records pending processing in 2007 and 2008," stand out from the department.

The owner of Equality explained that the Ministry has allocated 156 million euros to pay these arrears in the last two years, which are added to the "49 million for retroactivity and payment to heirs."

In this regard, he recalled that "another of the decisions taken by the Consell was to assume in a single payment delays that had suffered 5,914 people, which in some cases would have had to wait until 2019 to collect the help they were owed for benefit of Non-Professional Caregiver and benefits related to residential service ".

For Oltra, "the fact of paying all the retroactivity that the old government owed to these people is a clear example of what it means to rescue people, which must not be anything other than fulfilling their rights."


The payroll by dependency amounted to 77.4 million euros between June and December 2015, of which 32 million (41.5%) were allocated to arrears. In 2016, the payments were 243.6 million euros, 127 million (52.1%) also destined to debts incurred and delays.

And this year, between January and August, the amount of monthly payroll has been 148.3 million euros, 46.6 million of them (31.43%) also in arrears.

Monica Oltra has stressed that this "investment commitment" of the Consell has resulted in "an improvement in management, which has allowed in the first two years of the legislature have introduced a total of 30,425 new beneficiaries to the system of attention to the dependence ", with an average of more than 40 people a day.

It is the result of the impulse plan for the resolution of files designed by the Ministry at the beginning of 2016. "These policies to rescue people are beginning to bear fruit and bring us closer to the challenge that we proposed at the beginning of the legislature to solve 1,200 cases a month to end the cap inherited from the old government of 45,000 people pending entry into the system, "said the head of Equality.

Specifically, in 2015 an average of 1,087 files were resolved per month, while last year they were 1,300 and from January to July 2017 they added a monthly average of 1,182.

According to Oltra, these data allow that, globally, there are up to 30,425 new beneficiaries incorporated since July 1, 2015 into the dependency care system. Of these, 6,525 correspond to the year of 2015, 15,620 to the previous year and 8,280 to the first seven months of 2017.

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How much change does business have to accept?

Anyone who has plundered his piggy bank can not necessarily compete with the coins raised to the next large purchase. Because traders do not have to accept a lot of small change. Where the limit lies and what else can be done with the collected change.


Picture: Concession fee 

Going shopping and not pay by credit card, but in cash – so many like it. But consumers can not always give the cashier big banknotes like $ 500 bills. Trade, gastronomy and gas stations are entitled to exclude this. “Basically, the principle of contractual freedom applies,” Ulrich Binnebößel from the German Trade Association (HDE) explains the legal situation. Vendors can thus agree on a certain type of payment and just exclude.

When paying with small change, there are limits

And beware: There can also be limits to the acceptance of coins when shopping. “Nobody is obliged to accept more than 50 coins in a single payment,” Binnebößel clarifies. The basis for this is Article 11 of Council Regulation (EC) No 974/98 on the introduction of the euro.

Getting rid of small change in one fell swoop is sometimes not that easy. But what if the piggy bank was slaughtered and piled up in front of you a mountain of euro coins? Do not worry, savers will not sit on it. You can hand in the small change at the counter or insert it into the pay-in machine of your bank. In both cases, the customer receives a deposit slip for his checking account. It may be that the credit will be made after a few days.

Banks must check the authenticity of the coins

First of all, since the beginning of 2015, banks have been required by EU directives to check the authenticity of coins. This review is mainly carried out by value-transport companies, as Tanja Beller from the Association of German Banks in Berlin explains. If all is well with the coins, the amount will land on the customer’s checking account a few days later. “The amount is then credited retrospectively to the value date, ie with the value date of the deposit day,” explains Beller.

Cash deposit may cost fees

Whether the customer has to pay for this depends on the bank and the account model. Savers should inquire the conditions in advance with the customer advisor of their bank. At the 393 German savings banks each institute decides independently whether it accepts coins from customers and possibly also from non-customers and what the fees are. This is pointed out by Alexander von Schmettow of the German Savings Banks and Giro Association (DSGV). Given that European bank supervisors’ regulations have made coin-collecting more expensive, consumers could not necessarily assume that each office has the counting and testing equipment required in the meantime.

As a rule, the various Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks offer their customers the option of changing their coins into bills. Here, too, each institute determines the conditions itself. “Some institutes offer coin deposit machines, while others in turn ask for the coins to be previously rolled,” explains Cornelia Schulz from the Federation of German Cooperative Banks (BVR). When rolling the small change is wrapped in coin roll paper, which is available at the stationers or at the bank branch. You may also be charged for the exchange.

Bundesbank changes for free

At the branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank, private individuals can exchange their coins for free. The exchange amount will be paid in cash. However, consumers have to expect that they can “only exchange certain quantities depending on the volume of customers and the local conditions,” says Moritz Raasch from the press office of the Deutsche Bundesbank. If the specified amounts are exceeded, the Bundesbank only accepts the money for a provisional receipt. Customers can then pick up the conversion amount a few days later.

Maybe there are still D-Mark coins in the slaughtered piggy bank. The Bundesbank also exchanges such shares – free of charge and without any amount or time limit. This is also possible by mail. Here, the coins must be sent to the branch in Mainz. Previously, consumers are required to complete an application form “Exchange from DM to Euro”. The form can be downloaded from the internet.

The Deutsche Bundesbank assumes no liability for coins lost on the way. Because the exchange is often associated with effort, it may also be an option to donate the collected small change. Donation boxes from charitable institutions are often found in shops at the coffers, as Michael Beumer of the Stiftung Warentest in Berlin says: “At a number of coffers customers can also round up the payment amount and thus donate the money to a good cause.”



Are Pink Slip Loans Right In Which You?

If you are searching for car title loans, this article will help you choose a decent car title loan company that offers you the perfect interest rate and favorable loan policies. With these types of loans, you need to look around to find a first-class lender.

auto title loans are almost like gambling; but the truth is can accomplish it with small amount of down and lower your chances of anything going wrong, prone to are smart about it. In almost every case I would advise against an Auto Title Loan, however simple find this to end up being only for you to go.

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These loans are high-interest. Because usually are not credit cards, very good not tied to the state interest rate governance laws affecting credit cards (card loans usually top out around 29-33%). Although interest rates can be sky-high, it should not be a great deal of a concern due towards the short loan repayment period (see below).

This is at present legislation trying in many states that are going to call for stringent laws to rule over volvo, which is title loan industry. When you read this there are lobbyists who represent these that will work to thrust back the regulations. Earlier this year President Bush signed a law placing a 36% annual cap on high cost lending to the military. Some believe that can be a start but that have to much more work to get done. For the greater degree small loans are regulated by state and local governments. Currently auto automobile operate within half among the states.

It is specially misleading when reports say that an auto title loan company only to be able to take auto. It takes more money and man power to obtain possession in the car promote it to pay off the house loan. An auto title loan lender is not after your car, is actually usually collateral for your secured loan product.

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