Student loans: Haves study, need money

If the money is already not enough, how to proceed with the study it if 500 Euros fees are due? A student has made to the test. A test at Frankfurt banks and the Student Union.

When the money already is not enough, how to proceed with the study it if 500 Euros fees are due? For some time, several banks offer student loans. Are the deals any good? And how the consultation fails? A student has made to the test. Four consultants from banks and a visit to the Student Union have brought different experiences. The example case: a 24-year-old student of German in the seventh semester gets money from parents and grandparents, but needs a month in addition between 300 and 400 euros, to complete their studies.

“For solidarity and free education”: even the posters of demonstrations against tuition fees stick to the front of the main building of the KfW banking group on Bockenheimer highway. Which are decided by politics? What to do if you already need money and next year maybe more? The young consultant is very nice, but on everything, she knows no answer: “I do not do that every day,” she says. Usually, they have to deal with other customers, she says. For students applying for a loan from the KfW interested to apply for in their own bank – and that goes online only. Then you have to wait for the first payment between two and six weeks. Anyone who has an account with the bank that gives the loan could save some time.

The counselor calls the other banks “partners” and recommends, in this case, the KfW Student Loan. At least 100, more than 650 euro loan there this month, the interest rates, says it, there has currently at “fünfkommanochwas” – available on the Internet: 5.95 percent. Soar in the next 15 years to a maximum of 8.38 percent. Also, you have to pay 232 euros for the contract. For what? “Fees,” says the consultant. After the payout phase, she says, comes the grace period. Since we to look for a job during which you pay only the interest. Then the repayment is due. Unemployment, the grace period could last up to 23 months. The credit, she says, run ten semesters. Semester, or total duration? In the seventh semester, you can ask that question before. Since the consultant must fit and refers to the website and telephone hotline.

Studentenwerk Frankfurt

At the Frankfurt student services you need an appointment – but contrary to expectations, there is no queue for advice. The counselor asks much more accurate than the banks: by subject, according to the number of semesters, according to the age and even after that if student loan assistance has been requested before. To bank loans they did not inform that saw the not like, she says. For this, it provides comprehensive and clear before the KfW Student Loan and the KfW student loan. Where is the difference? With the educational loan, there are 300 euros per month, for special purchases, there are also unique up to 7,200 euros. The interest will be 4.1 percent, up to the beginning of repayment deferred. After learning that 300 euros extra money could be sufficient, the wife of Student Services recommends that educational loans. “He is the friendly variant,” she says – but only if 300 euros ranged monthly.

In addition, she remembers, when looking at the number of semesters, still a pretty attractive loan one: Who is nearing completion, can, in fact, apply directly at the student union an interest-free loan from the Hessian Darlehenskasse: 2300 euros to finance the last few months at the university. Proof that you’re done with the study soon enough. Waiting times there is not. Not only that message does that make you feel good advice right: the counselor moves to drink a bunch of brochures on loans and scholarships across the table. A warning is also still on the way, “should take out a loan you only if nothing else goes,” she says.

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